2 for Tuesday, Double Up the Savings

2 for Tuesday, Double Up the Savings

Indian Laurel, Terminalia tomentosa, is an Asian species also known as Derda, India Walnut, Indiawood, and Ixora. Indian Laurel is a medium density wood that takes a nice high gloss finish. It is typically used for veneers but other uses include: boxes, turned articles, and high end cabinetry. The tree produces lumber of two different colors like the Limba tree from Equatorial Africa. The upper section of the tree is straw colored and is usually marketed under the name Chuglam. The lower trunk has color and is named silver-grey wood. This wood in this special has been air drying for two and a half years and is considered partially air dried. Dark colors are present with occasional sapwood edges. A small surface blemish may exist on a few pieces but the condition is 95% free of defects. This wood is ideal for turning bowls, spindles, carving chess pieces and more! It is hard and requires sharp tools to work but has a nice finish that is worth the effort.

Khaya, or African Mahogany, (Khaya ivorensis) is abeautiful hardwood species from equatorial West Africa. It is similar in appearance and working properties to Honduras Mahogany without the expense.Interlocked grainin select logs produces a beautiful ribbon figure when quarter sawn. The wood is easy to cut, glue, and finish and isnearly an equal to Honduras Mahogany.It is used for everything from musical instruments to boats to everything imaginable in between!You can make large bowls, deep platters, peppermills, and more!

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