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English Walnut/ Claro Walnut

W24391 (English)
W24392 (Claro)
Qty: 1
W24391 specs:
3 lbs. 24-3/8″ x 4-1/8″ x 13/16″
W24392 specs:
4 lbs. 24-1/4″ x 5-1/16″ x 13/16″

Claro Walnut (Juglans hindsi) is a unique Walnut species that grows right around the area where Cook Woods is located.  Combining beautiful violet and brownish black streaks with the browns or Eastern walnut (Juglans Nigra). Claro walnut and English walnut have been favored for high end rifles and shotguns by many over the years. They are also used for guitars of various kinds and many other applications including fine furniture, boxes, and high quality turned items. Most of the supply originates in orchards as either production walnut trees (English grafted to the Claro roots) or wind row trees to slow the wind and show property lines (Claro without graft). Claro is a beautiful wood that is in high demand and short supply. Claro Walnut is dense but works and finishes well with the use of a grain sealer. Kiln dried and surfaced on two sides.

Juglans regia emanates from Circassia in the Cacausus and is the original Walnut of Europe.  This tree was prized for its walnuts and was planted all throughout Europe and England.  Color variations are due to the varied climates and soil conditions in which the trees grows.  Juglans walnut is translated to “white walnut” so finding dark striping and marble cake figure is the rare exception. This wood has been prized for centuries for firearm stocks and fine furniture. It works and finishes much like American black walnut. Kiln dried and surfaced on two sides.