XF Myrtle Lumber

This material is from a stunning, 4-1/2 ft. diameter log that was cut right here at our facility on the World’s largest Wood-Mizer during the summer of 2016. You can even see this being milled in one of our YouTube videos! There is deep, exquisite curl in many of the pieces. Stock is kiln dried and ready to use. Myrtlewood works extremely well. We have extra slabs available for tables, counters, etc. Please call to inquire about these additional products. An occasional surface check or pin hole may be present. When aged, this Myrtle will look very similar to Hawaiian Koa once it is exposed to UV light. This piece has a large feathercrotch. There is a rough edge on one side. A 2" check below the numbers is present, that will easily turn away. This piece would be ideally sized for a Ruger 77. A $100 discount has been factored into the price, due to the defects.
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