X Large Bookmatched Desert Ironwood Knife Scales

This is true Desert Ironwood (Tesota olyna), a unique species that is a staple for the carving trade in Mexico and is scarce on the US Market. Difficult to obtain and dry properly, this beautiful and very dense hardwood has a great deal of chatoyance (luster) which gives great depth and color to finished projects. When turned, Desert Ironwood produces an incredible finish that is glass-like and very smooth to the touch. Colors range from black & brown to warm honey gold with a tinge of red. Checks are normal with this species as it dries in the desert for years before being harvested in dead tree trunks or fallen / dead limbs (we typically cut off 95% of these checks). Bug holes are common as well. Creative artisans use crushed or powdered turquoise to fill voids. From the desert Southwest. This is an incredible, very scarce wood!  Once you see the shimmer & feel the polish of this wood you’ll be absolutely hooked! Air dried for over 10 years & ready to use. Smooth cut with a table saw blade. Gorgeous iridescence! One pin hole on edge that will easily work away.
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Desert Ironwood