Rare Brazilian Kingwood Guitar Set (Dalbergia Caerensis)

Dalbergia caerensis.  A rare rosewood with violet and light black streaks.  From the Atlantic forest in Brazil.  King wood has been the wood of King's for hundreds of years in France, England, and Europe.  Used extensively for furniture, cabinets, instruments, and fine articles.  The wood turns well and takes a high natural polish with little effort.  Our stock is generally surfaced on two sides. Air Dried for 5+ years.  Beautiful violet purple color. Surface sanded smooth with waxed sealed ends. Extremely Rare and High Quality.  Kingwood has a very similar "bell like" tap tone to Brazilian Rosewood.  Kingwood is rare in itself and is an exceptional acoustic wood!  These are the only sets in the United States.  All sides have 1/8" crown. Please look at the each pictured set for individual characteristics of the set. Best vertical grain on back set. Surfaced on two sides. Small burl cluster on outside of upper bout that should be outside of template.
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Note: this product cannot be shipped outside the US.