Pyinma Burl Turning Square

Pyinma Burl is a Cook Woods exclusive species! Many people have heard of Curly Pyinma, which is a beautiful, highly figured exotic hardwood that has deep penetrating curl. This burl wood is cut from burls of the same Pyinma tree. These burls are very rare and difficult to obtain! The wood is excellent for knives, duck calls, bowls, vessels, and other high end articles. It is susceptible to surface checks during drying. This material has been drying for 3 years as of September 2019, but does contain residual moisture. Blanks are completely wax sealed. Please leave wax on the wood until use. Larger bowl blanks may have a minor check or two on the faces. 95% of these turning blanks are clean, free of defects, and have excellent burly grain. All of this stock was hand selected for incredible figure! 50 or more burl eyes are possible in one square inch on the museum grade pieces. This is incredible wood that has no equal.

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