Rustic Wormy Pomelle Sapele Lumber

This exceptional African Sapele lumber is kiln dried, surfaced on two sides, and ready to use. Common uses for this high end material are guitars, ukuleles, and other fine woodworking projects such as furniture and boxes. A beautiful, tight “Pomelle” figure is present in most boards. This is the most figured Sapele lumber we’ve had in 20 years! If you are looking for something outstanding for your next exotic wood project, this African Sapele is an alluring choice! This piece of lumber is exhibition grade with numerous pin holes present. Top half of the board is suitable for drop top guitars! Must be able to work with! The term "rustic" refers to numerous defects, such as checks, cracks, incursions, knots, or other defects that are ideal for natural projects, but may present issues in other woodworking projects. There may be defects that are not specifically described or are more serious than what is visible by just looking at the wood. These pieces should not be used for any type of instrument and it can be helpful to use epoxy or another similar substance to stabilize the wood. Rustic items are non-returnable.

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