Tan Oak Vessel Blank

Tan Oak, Lithocarpus densiflorus, has an interesting history. Back in the 1800's in Oregon, roads were constructed through the forests in order to log Tan Oak. At that time the tree was used primarily for the natural tanin produced in the tan oak trees. Tanin was and is still used for treating furs and hides (which was a booming business with the 1800's fur trade). Douglas fir trees were cut and used as a secondary use species while they were logging the tan oak. Today the tides have changed and Tan Oak is logged only because the Douglas Fir trees are being cut. Tan Oak can have some interesting patterns when it spalts as much of our stock does. Tan Oakt turns well but finishing takes a little bit of work. It's well worth the work because of the great color contrast & patterns in the wood. The blank was freshly cut in May 2021 and contains residual moisture. We recommend twice turning it. It is fully wax sealed. Enjoy the beauty of this special wood.

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Mixed Woods Tan Oak