Laguna Tools | 20" Pro Planer ShearTec II 10HP 3PH

Laguna Tools | 20" Pro Planer ShearTec II

The new 20” planer fills the gap between the popular 4 post 16” and 20” planers and the really heavy duty planers. The advantage to this planer over the 4 post planers is the way the bed is secured to the frame with a Gib System. With 5-1/2” of cast Gib travels on the outer machine frame giving the bed more stability than a traditional 4 post machine. It allows the bed to become one with the frame when in its locked position, rather than just relying on the 4 post to keep the bed steady during operation.Features on the Pro Planer include: Bed Rollers with micro adjustment to lower friction when planing woods with high moisture content or resin woods, 2 Feed Speeds, Digital Readout with a tape as backup and a ShearTec II Cutterhead.The Laguna ShearTec II is at the cutting edge of Spiral Cutterhead technology today. Deep gullets allow chips to exit fast & keep the head clean. The inserts are made from thicker solid German carbide & set into the head on a flat surface rather than a cone design. This allows more torque to be used when tightening the inserts. All of the inserts are slightly angled to give a shear type cut with low impact & less kick-back action. The leading edge is crowned to minimize lines appearing.Laguna ShearTec II heads are all 6 row; most competitors’ heads offer just 3 or 4 rows. There obviously are a host of benefits associated from the additional rows: More carbide inserts, longer life, less noise and vibration, less kick-back & smoother finish.

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*Motor: 10 HP 3 phase 220 volt TEFC
*Readout: Digital with Tape Backup
*Table: 56” D X 20” W Incl. 2 X Cast Iron Extensions
*ShearTecII 4-sided German Solid Carbide Cutterhead
*Inserts: 6 Rows X 23 Knives = 138
*2 Feed Speeds: 16 + 20 Ft/Min
*Mechanical Adjustment of Bed
*Mechanical Adjustment of Bed Rollers
*2 Polished Steel Rollers for Material Return
*5” Dust-Hood
*In/Out-Feed Cast Extensions Included
*Capacity Min-Max: 3/16” – 8”
*Max Removal: 1/8”, 3mm
*Weight: (Net/Ship) 880/990 Lbs.


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