Mozambique Veneer Sheet (17-3/4" x 9")

In lumber it is also known as Ovangkol or Shedua, this beautiful African hardwood veneer has been used in many architectural and high end applications worldwide for many years now. It is noted for its beautiful range of color and reasonable price. From Equatorial West Africa, Mozambique is still available in large logs. Color is similar to East Indian Rosewood and the grain is interlocked like Bubinga. In fact, Mozambique is from the same family as Bubinga and shares many of the same traits. This veneer is a great value. Sizes listed have taken into account any end/edge checks that may be present. May not be perfectly flat due to the nature of figured veneer. The sheet is sliced at 1/32" thick but due to shrinkage, the sheets will be thinner than listed. EACH SHEET SOLD SEPARATELY: 1 SHEET INCLUDED
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$7.50 Veneer packaging fee applies to this item. Spend $50 in veneer and the fee is waived!