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Mountain Juniper Pen Blank - 3/4"

INCLUDES 1 WOOD BLANK (several blanks are shown to indicate the range of color/grain to expect). Juniper, a thick bushy tree with disheveled appearance, grows in the arid Western United states in higher elevations above 2,500 ft.. Trees generally grown from 25 to 50 ft. with some exceptions being up to 80 ft. Diameters are typically from 12" to 4 ft. in diameter with most 18-24". Large knots are pervasive and hollows in larger logs render them useless for lumber. Lumber has a pungent odor when milling (like other cedars). The wood is ideal for rustic mantles, end table tops, bar tops, interior siding, bowls, spindle turning and more! Knots, splits, and checks provide character to the species. Juniper has a beginner skill level for pens and turning. It is inexpensive and generally easy to work. Colors range from warm orange to rich orange/red with pronounced white sapwood on the edges of some blanks. Irregular grain patterns that are pleasing to the eye are often present. This lightweight wood lends itself well to a CA glue finish. Skill Level: Beginner.
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