Live Edge Madrone Burl Slice

This Madrone has beautiful pinkish-red or a lighter tannish-pink color. Slabs 1-2” thick have been air dried and are ready to use. Turning Blanks have been pressure cooked to relieve tension and prevent degrading; however, they do contain residual moisture. Wood is stable but needs some time to dry completely. Many blanks have checks, please see photos. Some turn away, some will not. A very small incursion or bug holes may be present. Boards/Slabs longer than 16” may have up to 1/8” bow (most have 1/16” or less). This is great quality, beautiful Oregon wood! This slice has numerous checks and soft spots. Stabilizing needed on the rear face. There are also bark incursions, drying checks and voids along with bug holes/trails. Be aware there are deep incursions at the bottom of the board that are penetrating. Please see the photos.
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