Khamphi Rosewood Turning Square (12" x 1" x 1")

INCLUDES 1 WOOD BLANK (several blanks are shown to indicate the range of color/grain to expect). Dalbergia cultrata, also called "cultrata rosewood", is from Southeast Asia in what has been in the past a politically unstable environment. It is still dangerous to travel there to buy exotic timbers because of leftover war munitions that have not been removed because the cost of mine sweeping is deemed to high. As a result many people in these countries are injured or killed every year. The wood is used for marimbas and other instruments. The tap tone is very bright and projects well. It is remarkably similar in density and tone to the revered Brazilian rosewood. Asia. These beautiful turning squares are air dried and ready for your creation! Please note that outer surfaces are rough, not sanded. This wood is a true Rosewood that takes an incredibly high polish!

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