XF Figured Imbuia Burl Veneer Sheet (18" x 16")

Imbuia, native to Brazil, is a beautiful species that has rich colors ranging from green, yellow, and tan to dark brown.  A spicy aromatic smell is present when the wood is milled. Imbuia works well and takes a nice finish.  Occasionally there are logs with good figure such as the log in this special.  This batch of Imbuia wood is dry and ready to use. It was milled 8 years ago and has been equilibrium air dried (which is quite substantial since this wood is difficult to dry)! Blanks are surfaced on two or more sides; squares are generally surfaced on four sides.  This is very rich, dark Imbuia with nice colors, contrast, and unique patterns! Please note that this wood cannot ship outside of the USA. As with most figured veneer it will not be perfectly flat and will require proper veneer application techniques. Additionally, it is common to have 1-2” end splits and/or checks. Please expect to work with these checks. It is typical for the edges to be slightly frayed or rough (approximately 1/16" to ¼" into each edge). Please factor this into your final width. Most sheets are very clean and nice. The heartwood may contain several pin holes but they are scarce and most pieces do not have any. We will tape the ends of the flitches to protect them and carefully package for shipping. The listed sizes are a bit smaller than the actual size to account for any rough edges and checks. The sheet is sliced at 1/32" thick but due to shrinkage, the sheets will be thinner than listed. EACH SHEET SOLD SEPARATELY: 1 SHEET INCLUDED
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Note: this product cannot be shipped outside the US.
$7.50 Veneer packaging fee applies to this item. Spend $50 in veneer and the fee is waived!