Exhibition Grade Hawaiian Koa Mini Slab

This beautiful Hawaiian Koa lumber is kiln dried and has been surfaced on two sides. It has warm, rich colors as it is from the Big Island of Hawaii where the soil is more acidic. Fabulous iridescence is present in all boards. Boards are 95% clean or better (unless noted or marked as rustic) and are excellent quality! The rich depth of color in this lumber is unrivaled; it’s some of the finest color we’ve seen in years. Beautiful figure will vary from board to board. This mini slab has some sound spalting present with some incredible curl! There is a large incursion present with some natural edge about 1/2" deep x 1-1/2 " wide. This is the kind of piece we cut our knife scales from. The edge grain is quartersawn which will be suitable for pistol grips! It is possible to get a drop top electric guitar or an acoustic guitar but would have to work around the natural defects.

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Hawaiian Koa