Figured Western Curly Maple Instrument Set

Oregon Big Leaf Maple is slightly coarser than European or Eastern Hard Rock Maple and as so is somewhat harder to work. Despite this, the beauty of the wood easily overcomes any difficulties in working. It has excellent color variations that range from white to coral pink & light brown. Boards of Big Leaf Maple usually have figure & color variations; no two boards are the same. This is another reason that Maple is such a fun wood for those who seek a creative flare in their projects.  These are kiln dried sets that are ready to export!  Heavy curl or quilting in all sets.  Some have beautiful coral streaking!  These sets have twists, bows, and cupping.  Generally all highly figured sets of Western Figured Maple are not flat until bent into sides or attached to bracing. W18438: 3/16" cup in the back and a 3/16" cup and bow in one of the sides.
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