Figured Australian Lace Sheoak Turning Square

Sheoak, Allocasuarina fraseriana, is one of the World’s rarest and most desirable woods. It is ideal for Fine Furniture, Cabinetry, Guitars, Wood Turning, Inlaying, Boxes and other high end uses. Heartwood colors range from light pink to dark red with orange-purple and with occasional black streaks. Sapwood is a light yellowish brown. Sheoak can be highly figured. Because it is hard to find in sizable boards, it is best suited for smaller projects. Lace Sheoak looks like a a fiery explosion of burning embers. This figure pattern is very rare and prized for high end applications. Trees range from 50-130 feet tall with diameters of 12” – 24”. Very large medullary rays produce a lace-like pattern on quarter sawn surfaces. Grain is straight to slightly interlocked and has uniform medium texture with a moderate amount of natural luster. Burl cluster has some shrinkage and surface checks. Dry & ready to use.
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