Exhibition Figured Makore

Tieghemella heckelii. This African hardwood is also commonly known as African Cherry, yielding a finished product with rich pink & golden colors.  It has a high silica content in it so it is not the best for machinability but it is worth the effort due to its beauty. One of the contributing factors to its often present mottled figure and chatoyant shimmer is its interlocked grain.  Kiln dried and surfaced on two sides. All boards are kiln dried and surfaced on two sides. They are 95% free of defects but may have a slight surface check, end check, light planer skip or rough edge. Expect a bow or twist in some boards. This wood is dense and has a moderate blunting of tools but it is well worth the effort due to its beauty when finished. Several small bark pin incursions that are about 1/4" in size or smaller. Amazing board with beautiful figure!

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