Rustic Crotchwood English Walnut Lumber

This special English Walnut was cut from a large, highly figured log that we purchased from a landowner in California who was taking out their orchard. The lumber was dried in our vacuum kiln and is ready to use! It has been surfaced on two sides. Excellent black marbled streaks, fiddleback, and crotch wood figure can be present and will add a touch of class to your woodworking. This piece has a 2 inch bark incursion on the back face in the heartwood, and a two inch ring shake same face. The sap wood is mostly hard but there is some soft spalt and splits that go up to 5 inches. The piece measures 27-5/8ths in length but we are not charging for the spalted area so the measurements on the site will show less. This piece would not suitable for a rifle stock, and the long dark hard wood edge has a 3/8ths inch knot void.

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Walnut; English