Domestic Bowl Blank Box (12" x 12" x 12")

This 12" x 12" x 12" box is filled with an assortment of your favorite domestic wood species such as Maple, Walnut, Myrtle, and Redwood in a variety of bowl blank sizes that are ideal for woodturners! Size Range: Length: 4" to 8" Width: 4" to 8" Thickness: 2" to 4". These bowl blanks are freshly cut, wax sealed, and contain residual moisture. There may be minor surface or end checks that will generally turn away. Surfaces may be rough but these wood blanks are great for the lathe. Please note: The weight on this box will vary, but is approximately 36 to 40 lbs. depending on the moisture content and sizes of pieces. We are unable to pick specific sizing of pieces or species, and the wood you receive will come unlabeled. Please unpack the box right away to allow for airflow. Store in a cool dry location and check frequently. Add these blanks to your woodworking collection!
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