Dalbergia tucurensis

Dalbergia tucurensis (Panama Rosewood) is a true rosewood from equatorial America.  This species is also known as Nicaraguan or Guatemalan rosewood and Granadillo.  This is a little known species that is used for fancy boxes, marimbas, guitars, ukuleles, and other high end applications.  The wood has a bright ringing tap tone with good sustain.  The wood works easily and has iridescent shimmer in quarter sawn stock. Colors are usually even brown with a hint of red or dark stripes in some boards. There is a very limited supply available. This Rosewood cannot ship outside of the USA. It has been carefully kiln dried and surfaced on two sides. A few pieces have pin holes which produce beautiful black striping. This is very typical of true Rosewoods. There is occasional planer skip/rough surface on some boards.  This wood can ship to the USA only. Great for guitars, ukuleles, etc. Minor planer skip under the number. Suitable for guitar back.
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Note: this product cannot be shipped outside the US.