Cocobolo Gun Blank

This beautiful red, orange & black Cocobolo is genuine Dalbergia retusa (same scientific name as Mexican Cocobolo) that was actually grown in Costa Rican. It has CITES and Lacey Act documents with safe and legal importation, however we cannot ship this overseas. You'll find exceptional quality and color in this batch of wood. When lighter violets & yellow is present, the violets will turn to black and the yellows to orange and red. Freshly cut, Unique one of a kind rifle blank. Some checks in sapwood edge up to 1/4" deep. Other edge has some checks that are up to 1" deep. Blank fits right down the middle, checks will be trimmed off. Wax sealed ends. Feel free to call and we will see if a particular rifle style will fit. Red and black.
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Note: this product cannot be shipped outside the US.