Cocobolo Billet

This material has been air dried in larger cants for up to 6 years and has lost most of its moisture. Though it still contains some residual moisture, it is much drier than most Cocobolo on the market. The rich red, orange, and violet tones make this a fantastic choice for turning. Blanks are either fully wax sealed or have wax sealed ends. This piece could be used for instruments or turning articles. The grain runs flat to quarter. There are some checks and cracks in the sapwood, some up to a 1/2" into the heartwood. There is a partial live edge in the sapwood edge. The square edge is all heartwood, and there is a check that runs 3/4 of its length. This check is 3/8" deep on the numbered end, it appears to get shallower as it moves from the numbered end. There is some great wood to work with if you can work around the stated defects.
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Note: this product cannot be shipped outside the US.