Exhibition Grade Feather Crotchwood Claro Walnut Gun Blank

This exceptional Walnut turning stock has incredible color and figure! Aged for over 4 years in log form to promote beautiful coloration, these turning blanks have been freshly cut and wax sealed as of March 2019 and still contain moisture (they have lost approximately 30% of their original moisture). Due to this, twice turning is the recommended method. This high quality woodturning stock is brimming with color and figure! Reward your lathe with a woodworking treat! This gun blank has a little bit of a natural edge on the wide end. It has incredible color and figure! Fresh cut and wax sealed! Ideal for high-end turning and veneering. There are two 1-1/2" checks present on the numbered face that should mostly turn away. Must be able to work with the noted characteristics.

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Walnut; Claro