Walnut Slab

These beautiful slabs were cut from carefully hand selected Claro Walnut logs. Kiln dried and planed on both sides, you’ll enjoy working this exquisite hardwood. Photos display an exposition of color, burl, crotchwood and figure, which varies in intensity and uniqueness from piece to piece depending on which part of the log the wood was cut from. Live edges may have areas of bark or checks. Slabs unique features may include checks, bug holes, incursions, or other natural characteristics that make wood unique! Max width is 49-3/4". Width at the middle is 29-1/2" This piece has a center split hard check. 50" visible. Full length checks along the heartwood sapwood. It is structurally sound. This piece has a slight twist but will lay flat with minimal pressure. There are splits up to 10" on each side. Ant holes are present but this is vacuum kiln dried so it is sterilized. This piece will need to ship freight.

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Walnut; Claro