Canary Long Lumber

Kiln dried and surfaced on two sides, this wood has a wide range of color from red, orange, yellow, and green, to golden and brown. An excellent substitute for Brazilian Tulipwood, Canary is less expensive and more readily available while still containing some of the coveted colors of Tulip. This very colorful batch of Canary wood may contain occasional bug holes, a slight bow up to 1/16”, and surface checks which are very normal with this species. Boards are clean and usable. Generally, they have very bright tap tone for use in musical instruments. Canary is dense enough for fingerboards, acoustic guitar backs, sides and Ukuleles.  The opposite face from numbers is 75% free of checks. There is a 20" check behind the numbers. The board is priced for 75% of the useable lumber. Must be able to work with checks. NO REFUNDS.
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