XF Camphor Burl Lumber

This material was cut from several large burl pieces. It is freshly cut with moisture, but dries very quickly in turning sizes with little degrade. Some checks, cracks, and incursions are present in a few pieces, but overall, this is excellent quality with good burl and figure. Some checks may develop as the wood dries. Pieces are fully wax sealed. Since the wood is aromatic, your cut offs can be stored in an open box to freshen the air in your shop! There is a 1" penetrating incursions on the front face, 3" long on the opposite face, just below the numbers. As well, there are some pin holes and a few end checks on the opposite end of numbers. If you can work with the pin holes in the lower portion of the board, then this would make an exquisite arch top or drop top billet for an electric guitar. The incursion can be avoided easily.
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Camphor Burl