XF Buckeye Burl Turning Square

This wood is freshly cut as of May 2018, but has lost half of its original moisture or more! Some pieces will be wax sealed and some will not. Bark incursions are present here and there, and occasional pieces may still have residual clay pockets. These exist mostly in the pieces that have live edge and larger incursions. Incursions and small checks can be expected in most burl eyes. There are many exceptional pieces available! The color spectrum ranges widely from varying shades of blue to golden tones with pink and red. We will do everything we can to make sure that your piece arrives intact; however, due to the inherently delicate nature of this species, you may have to glue pieces back on. We will not replace or refund delicate pieces that are broken in shipping. Get your hands on this gorgeous wood before it’s gone!This piece has several incursions on each face.
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Buckeye Burl