Extra Fancy Crotchwood Claro Walnut Rustic Live Edge Slab (Freight Shipping Required)

This outstanding Claro Walnut has incredible color with a range of figure and burl! Live edges, knots, checks, and inclusions are a part of what make this wood unique. Epoxy resin is recommended to fill these areas. Some wood slabs may have a slight 1/16” to 1/8” bow or cup but most are perfectly flat. Planer skip may be present. The sapwood may contain pin holes. This unique wood slab has been vacuum kiln dried and surface planed on both sides, making it ready for your use now. It is ideal for dining tables, coffee tables, bar tops and just about any other DIY woodworking project that you can think of. This piece has planer skip, knots, and bug holes. Please see pictures for details. This piece requires freight shipping due to its size. This item does not qualify for free shipping.

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Walnut; Claro