Exhibition Grade Quartersawn Spalted Sycamore Burl Guitar Billet

This exceptional, one of a kind burl wood is a gem that we discovered! It has a high density of burl eyes and tight grain patterns with classic oriental Sycamore patterns that will help your woodturning stand out! Air dried for 8 months in large thick wood slabs, it is still considered freshly cut with a high moisture content as of February 2019. Most pieces have lost 20-30% of their original moisture. All of these woodturning blanks have been wax sealed. These woodturning blanks were cut from a massive burl! The spalting can go anywhere from 1/8” deep to all the way through but each blank will vary from piece to piece. Expect some shrinkage or checks to develop as the wood dries. These wood blanks are ideal for twice turned bowls. This guitar billet has some bark incursions and some checking present. It has incredible color and figure! It is suitable for a Les Paul Style or smaller. Must be able to work with the noted defects. This piece is already discounted due to the defects present. No additional discounts available. NO RETURNS for checks and incursions.

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Sycamore Burl