5 Pack Spectraply Wood Pen Blanks (Colors Vary)

This 5 pack of pen blanks has varying, vivid color contrast! No two packs will be exactly the same. SpectraPly wood is made in the USA from veneered layers of premium yellow birch that have been brightly dyed. Spectraply blanks offer a unique  turning experience that yields high quality, vibrant projects! The veneers are dyed under extreme pressure for full penetration of the dye throughout the wood. After drying to 5% moisture content, they are then laminated in a radio frequency press for an unfailing bond with a perfectly consistent lined appearance. You'll enjoy vivid color, easy turning, and excellent stability. SpectraPly wood is easiest to use with sharp cutting tools. It glues easily and takes a variety of finishes; however spray on finish will ensure clearer color delineation. Intermediate skill level. Length may vary up to 3/16”. Skill level: Beginner.
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