Coffeewood (Bolivian Ebony) Turning Square (12" x 1-1/2" x 1-1/2")

INCLUDES 1 WOOD BLANK (several blanks are shown to indicate the range of color/grain to expect). Bolivian Ebony, also known as Coffeewood, is a great choice for many woodworking projects! Colors are coffee brown with a hint of red in the heartwood and pale yellow sapwood contrast. Dense, interlocked grain is somewhat difficult to work but has a nice medium luster when finished with high grit sand paper. This species is ideal for lathe turning. It has a similar density and working properties to Ebony but is more closely related to Pernamubuco, which is from the same genus. This material is partially air dried, contains residual moisture, and is completely wax sealed. Minor end checks may be present, but this wood is very high quality! Size may vary 1/4"+/-.
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Ebony; Bolivian