Madrone Burl Live Edge Bowl Blank

This Madrone burl turning stock has pinkish brown color and lots of interesting grain! Dark red streaks might be present in some pieces. Madrone is a Pacific NW hardwood that is very easy to work with, turning well & taking a high polish. This wood was freshly cut in September 2022, pressure cooked, wax sealed, and is ready for twice turning. The internal stress has been removed through the pressure cooking process, but the wood does contain moisture and is considered freshly cut. Twice turning rather than air drying is recommended due to checking that occurs in this species. Keep the wax on this wood and start your twice turning within 60-90 days for best results. An occasional surface check may be present. This is a gorgeous species that is well worth the extra effort! Also, you can turn creative and unique pieces that will morph into flowing lines as your bowl dries.

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