Exhibition Fiddleback Myrtle Lumber

This high quality Oregon Myrtlewood was cut from an exceptionally figured log that ranges from exhibition grade fiddleback to cluster burl with intense color! Cut with high end instruments and furniture in mind, you’ll find beautiful boards that are all unique! Oregon Myrtlewood is an exceptional choice due to its easy workability. This stock is kiln dried, surfaced on two sides, and ready to use. Some pieces may have a stain from the numbered label, so you must be able to work with this. Look carefully at the photos, some of these items have up to 10 fiddleback lines per square inch! There is a 1/4" bow and 1/8" cup that lays flat with minimal pressure. It has some sound cluster burls and amazing fiddleback figure. There are two live edges with some checks and a minor planer skiff. The piece has a couple small knots on the edge to the right of the numbers. The numbered end has a few checks that are 4" long. There are some sticker stains that you must be able to work with.
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