African Mahogany Slab

Khaya, or African Mahogany, (Khaya ivorensis) is a beautiful hardwood species from equatorial West Africa.  It is similar in appearance and working properties to Honduras Mahogany without the expense. Interlocked grain in select logs produces a beautiful ribbon figure when quarter sawn.  The wood is easy to cut, glue, and finish and is nearly an equal to Honduras Mahogany.  Trees are large with average logs in the 2-4' diameter range and tree heights of 75-125' tall.  The wood is used for everything from musical instruments to boats to everything imaginable in between!  This wood is ideal for large bowls, deep platters, peppermills, and more! Kiln dried and surfaced on two sides with planer skip. Expect between 1/8" and 3/16" cup. FAS Grade. There may be a slight rough edge or incursion.  This wood slab will bend easily when glued or attached to a countertop. Excellent ribbon figure is present!

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