Live Edge Pacific Koa (Guanacaste) Mantel

Known as Kelobra, parota, Guanacaste, and rain tree. Heavy when freshly cut, it quickly dries and retains little of its original wet weight. A hardwood, it is used for cabinets and furniture where it is indigenous. Called a Koa substitute in the states, it is similar in appearance and easier to work. Stable in service. Trees of 24-48" diameter are the average with some shade trees much larger in diameter. Central America. This slab is kiln dried and surfaced on two sides One face has large bark incursion approximately 2 ft x 1 ft wide. Surface checks on live edge. Some surface checks in sapwood. End splits on quarter sawn, either end. 5" end split on one end, 3" on other. Machine marks on live edge in one place. Nice ribbon figure! Can be used for virtually anything, but ideal for mantel. Considerable instrument grade wood in this piece if able to work around defects. Can also be cut into a bookmatched coffee table for additional cutting fee. This slab would be great for a mantel piece!

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