Bubinga Guitar Set

Ships to USA Only! African Rosewood or Bubinga, though not a true Rosewood is denser than several Rosewoods. We offer Bubinga in special Pomelle, figured, and standard. A much overlooked tonewood, Bubinga is an up and coming wood that has beautiful color and the possibility of prized figure. Colors range from reds, brown and violet tones. Interlocked grain is very similar to Amazique (which is in the same family as Bubinga). This wood can be a little bit difficult to bend. This is the best value for a tonewood in addition to being very popular with custom builders. Wood is kiln dried and ready to use. A suitable Rosewood substitute. Carefully kiln dried sets with some excellent figure in selected sets.  All are cut from different areas of a $64,000 instrument / veneer grade log!  Sets can have a 1/8" cup or twist in the backs that lays flat with minimal pressure.
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Note: this product cannot be shipped outside the US.