CITES Brazilian Rosewood

The Holy Grail of instrument woods, Brazilian Rosewood is the coveted hardwood by which all other tone woods in the World are judged. It is known for its sweet, fragrant aroma and incredible acoustical qualities. The rich, even color of Brazilian Rosewood can range from dark brown, brick red, orange, and even black. Rare on the World Market, this hardwood cannot be shipped outside of the USA. Our wood is cut from reclaimed stumps from trees that were cut in the 1960's and 1970's. This species is no longer available and once sold will be unavailable in the future. Our supply is nearly exhausted. Soprano Ukulele Set Template shows a Martin Soprano Sides: There are a few pin holes in each piece. Soft area about 1" x 1" at the end of side. 1/16" bow in each piece. Back: Two checks on each piece (one outside of the template area and one inside of template area so superglue or epoxy will be needed to work with this defect). This piece has very nice color!

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Note: this product cannot be shipped outside the US.