Macassar Ebony Guitar Set

The Latin name for Macassar Ebony is Diospryus celibica. Diospyros, in Latin, originally meant “fruit of the God’s” and is referenced in Ezekiel 27:15. A wood of great importance World wide that has been used by many Kings, Macassar Ebony is also known as Golden Ebony for the black stripes overlaying golden tones. It is an extremely dense wood that is difficult to work and has a dulling effect on tools. Uses include: veneer, musical instruments, inlay, tool handles, pens, bottle stoppers, and carving. Our Ebony arrives in squared logs “cants” that are up to 10' x 14? x 14? or as small as 3' x 3? x 4? billets. Carefully dried & ready to use.
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Ebony; Macassar