Wide Bocote Lumber

Bocote is an intriguing species for woodworking because of the attractive color variegation and patterns that are similar to Cocobolo. It has the same density as Cocobolo and is harvested using mules! Lumber that is approximately 1” thick has been kiln dried to 7-15% moisture content. Lumber that is approximately 2” thick has air dried for a year as of November 2018 and contains residual moisture of roughly 15-20%. A few boards may be lower or higher than this. Very few, if any defects are present in this stock. Pieces with birdseye figure may contain small checks, but overall these boards are clean and in great condition. You won’t want to miss out on this exotic Mexican hardwood! This piece of lumber has great color contrast! Suitable for electric guitars! Averaging 11% moisture content.
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