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14 lbs. 63-7/8″ x 5-3/4″ (down to 5-1/4") x 1-1/8″
Also known as Ciricote, this rare & desired species is only found in a small portion of Central America on the Caribbean coast. Beautiful ... READ MORE
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Also known as Ciricote, this rare species is only found in a small portion of Central America on the Caribbean coast. Trees are commonly 15-20" in diameter with heights of 45-75'. The tree produces an edible fruit and beautiful orange yellow flowers.  The wood is prized locally and is used for carvings, furniture, and handles for knives. It is denser than Rosewoods at .95 density. It is a little brittle but has a crisp, bright tone when used in instruments. Beautiful spider-webbing is reminiscent of Brazilian Rosewood. Patterns like valleys, plateaus, & mountains make a stunning landscape figure. Our Ziricote is imported in log form so that we can control the conversion of the wood in our sawmill. It turns to an extremely high glass-like polish.  Kiln dried and surfaced on two sides.
W22645: 1/8" crown. Planer skip on one face. Suitable for guitar sides, fingerboards, etc.  Retail at over $700! Cut your own and save.
Due to the length, these items will be cut in half prior to shipping. Please call if you would like an item shipped uncut. Additional shipping charges will apply
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