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Cocobolo Wide Lumber

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Cocobolo Wide Lumber


Regular Price: $312.49

Special Price $249.99

QTY : 1
15 lbs. 40-15/16″ x 10-15/16″ max. (down to 9-7/16") x 15/16″
Cocobolo grows on a thin band along the Pacific Coast of Mexico down through Central America. Our stock is selectively cut and logged by hand in ... READ MORE
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This rare Cocobolo was imported in 2014 from Costa Rica with the proper CITES required documentation. It has been air dried and is mostly dry; however, there may be some residual moisture, especially in thicker pieces. Quarter sawn wood will suit instruments well! Other uses may include boxes, pen blanks, knife scales, intarsia, inlay, jewelry, and other fine, small projects. Large pieces may be used for furniture. Ends are typically wax sealed while some boards and blanks are completely wax sealed. There is a 14" surface check in the center of the board on the back face in the dark streak. Could yield a drop top for an electric guitar, not suitable for acoustics. The sapwood edges have some checks.

Exhibition Fiddleback Myrtle Lumber

QTY : 1
6 lbs. 21-7/16″ x 10-7/8″ x 7/8″
Myrtle is one of our specialty woods, as it is grown and harvested right here in our home state of Oregon, hand selected by us, trucked to our ... READ MORE
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There is a 3" end check to the right of the numbers with a 1" end check next to it. There is a slight rough edge just below the numbers.This has been kiln dried and is ready to use. This has up to 11 fiddleback lines per inch! A very spectacular piece! The end opposite of the numbers has a 1/2" end check in the center. Could possibly yield a small electric guitar drop top.

XF Claro Walnut Lumber (Electric Guitar)

QTY : 1
8 lbs. 24″ x 10-1/16″ x 1-1/16″
Claro Walnut (Juglans hindsi) is a unique Walnut species that grows right around the area where Cook Woods is located. Combining beautiful violet ... READ MORE
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This beautiful wood has been kiln dried and surfaced on two sides. Some slight residual moisture may be present in a few pieces as specifically noted in the description of each piece. There are some occasional surface or end checks present, and there may be a slight bow or twist up to 1/16”. There may be an occasional pin hole or minor bug hole. Overall, this is really nice and clean material brimming with color and figure! There is an 1/8" cup on the opposite end from numbers. There is a 2-1/4" check on right top corner edge that will easily fall outside of an electric guitar template. Beautiful, crazy grain! Must be able to work with 1/8" cup and a couple checks.

Live Edge Madrone Burl Slice

QTY : 1
26 lbs. 33″ Max. x 16-5/8″ Max. x 3-3/8″ Max.
Also known as Strawberry tree or Madrona, this beautiful Pacific hardwood has pink & tan colors with an occasional red streak. Green lumber is ... READ MORE
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Crazy patterns and burl in this one-of-a-kind piece! This will make an amazing electric guitar... can you see the Orca on the front face in the spalting? This Madrone has beautiful pinkish-red or a lighter tannish-pink color. Slabs 1-2” thick have been air dried and are ready to use. Turning Blanks have been pressure cooked to relieve tension and prevent degrading; however, they do contain residual moisture. Wood is stable but needs some time to dry completely. Many blanks have checks, please see photos. Some turn away, some will not. A very small incursion or bug holes may be present. Boards/Slabs longer than 16” may have up to 1/8” bow (most have 1/16” or less). This is great quality, beautiful Oregon wood! There are checks along the live edge and some soft spots as well as bug holes/trails.

XF Camphor Burl Mini Slab / Guitar Billet Top

QTY : 1
13 lbs. 24-11/16″ x 8-1/4″ x 1-7/16″
Camphor Burl, Cinnamumum camphor, is a rare burl from Southeast Asia that is highly prized. Camphor burl is very stable, requiring little special ... READ MORE
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This item would be wonderful for a guitar billet top! This material was cut from two large burl pieces and one very large burl cap. It is freshly cut with moisture, but dries very quickly in turning sizes with little degrade. Some checks, cracks, and incursions are present in a few pieces, but overall, this is excellent quality with good burl and/or figure in most. Some checks may develop as the wood dries. Pieces are fully wax sealed unless noted. Since the wood is aromatic, your cut offs can be stored in an open box to freshen the air in your shop!

Instrument Grade Redwood Lace Burl


Regular Price: $249.99

Special Price $199.99

QTY : 1
6 lbs. 24″ (down to 17-15/16") x 7-3/4″ (down to 5-7/16") x 1-9/16″
Redwood is in the family of the largest living trees that have ever been on planet earth! Coastal redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) are the tallest ... READ MORE
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These pieces came from a massive 6,000-pound burl! There are grades ranging from standard all the way to exhibition grade. The wood in this special is all kiln dried and may have wax sealed ends. Small checks or incursions are present in the burl eyes. Redwood is soft and easily dents so care must be taken before you finish it. For best results, use a finish with a hardener in it. The photos of this Redwood were taken in natural lighting with a simulated clear finish (this is what the wood looks like after a clear glossy finish has been applied). Due to the nature of burls there may be up to a 3/16” bow in the longest pieces. This easily lays flat with minimal pressure. Amazing burl eyes and great pattern! This is a one of a kind piece. There is an edge incursion that falls outside the template area.
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