Spalted Madrone

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Spalted Madrone

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4 lbs. 6-3/16″ x 4-9/16″ x 3-1/16″
Also known as Strawberry tree or Madrona, this beautiful Pacific hardwood has pink & tan colors with an occasional red streak. Green lumber is ... READ MORE
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Madrone is known as Strawberry tree, Madrona, or Madrone burl.  This is a unique Pacific hardwood that has pink & tan colors with an occasional red streak. Our Madrone blanks are highly burled & figured. Through our proprietary process, the wood has been pressure cooked to relieve tension and then partially air dried.  These pieces are ideal for gallery grade projects and high end woodworking as well as Bass and Electric guitars.
Trees are typically 10” up to 30” diameter and between 40-70’ tall.  Trunks are smooth as silk due to the tree shedding its bark continually.  Logs are rarely straight so lumber over 10’ long is a rarity.  Random trees growing in mixed stands of Douglas fir produce the best lumber as the trunk is long and relatively strait.  Trees in the open are much more bushy with many limbs that will not produce good lumber.  Burls grow almost exclusively underground and must be dug up sometimes by hand and then pressure cooked and milled.  Many Madrone trees grow in areas that have many rocks so our sawyers have their hands full milling around the rocks and dirt pockets that are present in every burl.  This is expensive due to the large number of saw blades that are destroyed and the large amount of labor milling this.

One of our favorite features in this batch of Madrone is the worm holes that add unique character & color contrast with dots and short elliptical patterns. In some blanks they are prolific  while others have very few. They are generally filled with wood pulp which has hardened over time and created something similar to chip board.  Worm hole areas can be hardened further with CA glue and bonded to the surrounding walls which will make them more suitable to traditional woodworking techniques. They can be left natural or filled with crushed turquoise or minerals. Since this is spalted and/or wormy material, extra care must be taken when turning on a lathe to prevent blanks from breaking when turned.  Generally CA glue is used to stabilize areas that are weak or have numerous of bug holes. Please wear appropriate safety equipment/guards for all projects. If you have any questions about working this material, we’ll be happy to help! All blanks are completely wax sealed. A bark incursion or rough corner edge may be present. Some pieces are not sound enough to be turned on a lathe. There are incursions, checks, worm holes, natural voids, splits, and other blemishes present. All pieces are sold as is because of the defects.

There are a couple bug holes and interesting solid spalting.
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