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Quilted Maple Lumber (18" x 4" x 13/16")

1.6 lbs. 18″ x 4″ x 13/16″


Oregon Big Leaf Maple is slightly coarser than European or Eastern Hard Rock Maple and as so is somewhat harder to work. Despite this, the beauty of the wood easily overcomes any difficulties in working. Maple is a wonderful wood for those who seek a creative flare in their projects. Kiln dried, surface sanded with 150 grit and ready to use!

Waterfall Bubinga Guitar Set

QTY : 1
6 lbs.
  • back:23-1/2" x 8-7/8" x 7/32"
  • sides:34-1/2" x 5" x 5/32"


African Rosewood or Bubinga, though not a true Rosewood is denser than several Rosewoods. We offer Bubinga in special Pomelle, figured, and standard. A much overlooked tonewood, Bubinga is an up and coming wood that has beautiful color and the possibility of prized figure. Colors range from reds, brown and violet tones. Interlocked grain is very similar to Amazique (which is in the same family as Bubinga). This wood can be a little bit difficult to bend. This is the best value for a tonewood in addition to being very popular with custom builders. Wood is kiln dried and ready to use. Special Pomelle grade is also known as “Waterfall figure” . A suitable Rosewood substitute. Carefully kiln dried sets with some excellent figure in selected sets.  All are cut from different areas of a $64,000 instrument / veneer grade log!  Sets can have a 1/8″ cup or twist in the backs that lays flat with minimal pressure.

Ziricote Back & Sides Set

QTY : 1
6 lbs.
  • back:23-3/8" x 8-3/4" (down to 8-1/8") x 7/32"
  • sides:33-3/4" x 5-1/16" x 5/32"


Also known as Ciricote, this rare species is only found in a small portion of Central America. It is denser than Rosewoods at .95 density. It is a little brittle but has a crisp, bright tone when used in instruments. Beautiful spider-webbing is reminiscent of Brazilian Rosewood. Patterns like valleys, plateaus, & mountains make a stunning landscape figure (or what some refer to as spider-webbing). Our Ziricote is imported in log form so that we can control the conversion of the wood in our sawmill. It turns to an extremely high glass-like polish. 6 lbs. This fits a Jumbo Guitar. Kiln dried with wax sealed ends. This was cut from our rare quilted log.

Very Rare Best Grade Brazilian Kingwood Guitar Sets

Sale - Kingwood Guitar Set
6 lbs.
  • back:22-1/47" x 8-1/2" (down to 7-1/2") x 1/8"
  • sides:33-1/2" x 4-7/8" (down to 7-3/4") x 3/16"


Dalbergia caerensis.  A rare rosewood with violet and light black streaks.  From the Atlantic forest in Brazil.  King wood has been the wood of King's for hundreds of years in France, England, and Europe.  Used extensively for furniture, cabinets, instruments, and fine articles.

Bookmatched Snakewood Knife Scales

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Bookmatched Snakewood Knife Scales

QTY : 1
1 lb. 5″ x 1-1/8″ x 1/4″


Primarily found in Suriname, Piratinera guianensis, Snakewood, is also known as Letter wood, Speckled wood, and Leopard wood.  Its Latin name means Guiana sea pirate.  It is considered by experts to be the World's rarest commercially available species.  The wood is difficult to work and dry wood can still check if it is heated while sanding.  Despite its difficultly in working, it is a stunning wood that has reds and blacks in a traditional Viper pattern.  This is undoubtedly where it acquired the name Snakewood.  The tree is small, slender, and grows up to a foot in diameter and 40-60' tall.  There is a varying amount of figure in each tree so each log can produce very different grades of lumber.  Uses include: violin bows, knive handles, canes, pens, bottle stoppers, umbrella handles, pool cues, fishing reel seats, and more!

Dry and ready to use.

There is a check on the wider piece. Good for 1" wide knife scales.
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