Rustic Feather Crotch Hawaiian Koa

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Rustic Feather Crotch Hawaiian Koa

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14 lbs. 29″ x 16″ (down to 10-3/8") x 1-1/2″
Hawaiian Koa has been treasured for hundreds of years by the Hawaiians. They have used it for anything from outrigger canoes, paddles, boxes, ... READ MORE
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Hawaiian Koa, Acacia koa, has been treasured for hundreds of years by the Hawaiians. They have used it for anything from Outrigger canoes, paddles, boxes, furniture, to recently Ukuleles. It is an excellent tone wood which produces a rich, warm sound. Supply of Koa is getting scarce as the Hawaiians have only recently started replanting their beloved Hawaiian Koa trees. Koa is renowned for its iridescent shimmer and luscious color which ranges from tan to warm gold with brown and black accents. The iridescence in this wood is particularly exceptional on the quarter. Workability of Hawaiian Koa is similar to Genuine Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla). It has open grain and works well.

Kiln dried & surfaced on two sides. Very nice rich colors as this is material from the Big Island of Hawaii where the soil is more acidic. Fabulous iridescence is present in all boards. Pieces are ideal for instruments, high end applications such as jewelery boxes, etc.

Rustic with live edges. There are splits, soft void areas, surface and end checks. Nice figure. Would work great for a coffee/end table. USA Only due to bug holes on edges. Bookmatched to W35188.
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