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22 lbs. 55″ x 10-3/8″ x 1″
A brilliantly colored hardwood from South America, Purpleheart is very popular for its deep purple color. Ideal for inlay, marquetry, and other ... READ MORE
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Purpleheart or Amarynth is a brilliantly colored hardwood from South America that is very popular for its naturally deep purple color. The color is a pale brown when freshly cut, darkening to deep violet purple with UV exposure in a few days.  Occasionally the trees produce either fiddleback or a ropey mottled curl from interlocked grain.  Trees are normally large with 70-100' heights and 2-3' diameters.  Trunks are long and free of limbs with a nice canopy or limbs only at the top of the tree. The wood has coarse open grain and is dense and durable.

All of this lumber is kiln dried and surfaced on two sides. It is ideal for inlay, marquetry, and other fine articles. Boards are free of any defects except possibly a slight rough edge, bug hole, minor planer skip/bite, or minor surface check.This is beautiful stock at great prices! Many boards have fiddleback in them. If we note there is fiddleback it will be in the board but it may not show in the photos. Boards may have gum present on them.

Planer skip on one face. Some light figure.
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