Pomelle Sapele

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Pomelle Sapele


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7 lbs. 24-1/4″ x 10″ x 13/16″
Slightly heavier and finer grain than Honduras Mahogany, this species is also called Sapele Mahogany. Originating from Africa, this species has ... READ MORE
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African Sapele is a beautiful, lustrous, iridescence wood with colors that range from light pink to brown and gold to red. It is easy to glue and finish, having similar working properties to Honduras Mahogany. Interlocked grain makes iridescent figure. It is great choice for Acoustic and electric guitars as well as high end jewelry boxes and humidors.

This wood is kiln dried and surfaced on two sides with planer skip not exceeding 1/8″ on faces. The boards in this special are absolutely gorgeous. This is the nicest, most fancy pomelle figured Sapele we have ever had! There may be a minor blemish but the board are 95% clean or better. Sapele can move a little bit. There may be a slight bow, twist, or cup.
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