Panama Rosewood

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Panama Rosewood


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6 lbs. 33-5/8″ x 5-9/16″ x 15/16″
Dalbergia tucerensis (Panama Rosewood) is a true rosewood from equatorial America.  This species is also known as Nicaraguan or Guatemalan rosewood and Granadillo.  This is a little known species that is used for fancy boxes, marimbas, guitars, ukuleles, and other high end applications.  The wood has a bright ringing tap tone with good sustain.  The wood works easily and has iridescent shimmer in quarter sawn stock. Colors are usually even brown with a hint of red or dark stripes in some boards. There is a very limited supply available.

It has been carefully kiln dried and surfaced on two sides. A few pieces have pin holes which produce beautiful black striping. This is very typical of true Rosewoods. There is occasional planer skip/rough surface on some boards. There are only 200’ board feet available – purchase quickly before it sells out!

Nice tap tone with good sustain. 4" end check that is on the opposite end of the numbers. There is small, sound pin knots next to the "5" shown in photos. Planer skip on one face. There is a rough edge 1" long, 1/2" wide, and 1/8" deep. This was originally cut for jumbo sides. This could still work for ukulele sides if you can work around the defects. Sold AS IS with defects.
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