Olive - Buy Both for Bookmatched Set!

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Olive - Buy Both for Bookmatched Set!

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26 lbs. 77-3/4″ x 13-3/8″ (down to 10-1/2") x 15/16″
Oleo Europa, grown throughout many areas of Central Europe, was planted by locals, soldiers, and anyone who has enjoyed eating olives or cooking ... READ MORE
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This genuine Italian grown Olive (Oleo Europa) was cut from very large Italian Olive trees. It is an incredibly rare wood that is ideal for a range of projects ranging from cabinets to fine jewelry boxes and much, much more.  The fine, closed grain with superior alternating/contrasting color, interesting/swirling grain and figure truly set this wood apart. The lumber is 95% free of any defects. A small surface check, rough edge, or other minor blemish may be present in 5% of the pieces unless otherwise noted.  All of the lumber is kiln dried, surfaced on two sides, and ready to use.

Each piece sold separately. Purchase both for the bookmatched set. These must cut to 57" or less to qualify for free shipping. If you would like them shipped whole, we will be happy to get you a quote. W39630, W39631, and W39632 are a flitch match. Planer skip, live edges and end checks are present. A large split is present right below the feather crotch. There are also a few bark incursions. Slight bow/twist may be present.


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