Madrone Burl

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Madrone Burl

: 1
3 lbs.
  • specs of 1st:10-1/8" x 1-9/16" x 1-1/2"
  • specs of 2nd:9-3/8" x 1-9/16" x 1-1/2"
Also known as Strawberry tree or Madrona, this beautiful Pacific hardwood has pink & tan colors with an occasional red streak. Green lumber is ... READ MORE
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Madrone is known as Strawberry tree, Madrona, or Madrone burl.  This is a unique Pacific hardwood that has pink & tan colors with an occasional red streak. Our Madrone blanks are highly burled & figured. Through our proprietary process, this freshly cut wood has been pressure cooked to relieve tension and then wax sealed. Burls grow almost exclusively underground and must be dug up sometimes by hand and then pressure cooked and milled.  Many Madrone trees grow in areas that have many rocks so our sawyers have their hands full milling around the rocks and dirt pockets that are present in every burl.  This is expensive due to the large number of saw blades that are destroyed and the large amount of labor milling this.
Though blanks have been pressure cooked to relieve tension and prevent degrading, they do contain 80-90% of their original moisture. Some may develop small checks/cracks/shrinkage as they dry. Blocks are completely wax sealed; (they will slowly dry through the wax).  Twice turning is recommended but since this is pressure cooked it is stable. A few blanks will have some small hairline surface checks that will easily turn away.  Any grey color on the outside of the blank does not penetrate through the whole blank. This is exceptional quality material.

2 Pack.
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